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Carpet Replacement

By Tony Griffitts

The 32 year old carpet in this 1980 corvette was worn out in a few places. A hole in the carpet on the drivers side where the right foot is often placed when getting in the corvette has been there for a few years. Rear compartment doors and frames had also shown their age. It was time to replace the carpet and install modern heat/sound barrier.

Broken rear compartment door.

Broken rear compartment door and frame on both sides.

Old factory sill

Old factory sill is very plain with one aluminum rail that holds down the edge of the carpet.

Rear compartment

Rear compartment with old frame and doors removed. From the factory this is not insulated.

Factory underlayment

Factory underlayment on the drivers side. This material is also on the passenger side and in the back. Factory underlayment is heavier than the replacement heat/sound barrier.

Passenger side underlayment

Passenger side underlayment. As you can see it only covers a portion of the foot well and the only portion that has heat shielding is the pad directly under the passenger seat where the catalytic converter is mounted under the corvette. Once all the old material was removed, I used Simple Green and an interior brush to scrub all the surfaces clean, and then wiped all the residue off with paper towels and water.

Laying out all the pre-cut heat/sound barrier

Laying out all the pre-cut heat/sound barrier from Ecklers Corvette.

pre-cut heat/sound barrier

All the pre-cut heat/sound barrier was marked with location it was to be installed. Some excess material was also provided and was used to fill in gaps.


Insulated the rear compartment with Reflectix from Home Depot. Foil tape also bought at Home Depot was used on the seams for the heat/sound barrier. Three to four cans of 3M spray adhesive was used for the installation of the heat/sound barrier and the carpet. Sprayed both the surface laying the material on and the back side of the insulation or carpet, and allowed about 30 seconds for the glue to get tacky to the touch before putting in place.

Insulation completed

Insulation completed in the back. Reflectix was used to insulate the rear speaker wells. All seams are taped over with foil tape.

Center column/tunnel was covered with Reflectix

Center column/tunnel was covered with Reflectix.


As you can see, this project required a lot of supervision.

Rear completed

Rear completed with new compartment frames. New frames were used for the old doors. The new frames were smaller than the original doors, so I had to shave down the doors so they would fit in the new frames.

Screws and bolts should be left in place to prevent glue from getting in the holes and to help you locate where holes will need to be made in the carpet. I used an old soldering iron to melt a hole in the carpet where screws or bolts need go.

Front completed

Front completed with new Corvette status sills installed. The new carpet kit does not come with fiberboard backed carpet for the column tunnel. I picked up a 1/8 inch thick 2' x 4' board at Home Depot and used the old one to trace out the pattern and then cut it out with a jigsaw. The new carpet must extend over the edge of the board about 1/8 inch on all sides to make an excellent fit underneath the center console bezel and arm rest.

You need to order extra door sill plates if you want to have new aluminum on both sides of the new status sill. It will require you to drill holes in the sill to mount the additional aluminum door sill plates.

Parts List for Project

Part No. Description Qty Price Amount
A8810 Frame, Compt Rear W/2 Dr, 79L-82 1 29.99 29.99
A9473B Carpet, Black C/P, 79L-82 (28149-14) 1 339.99 339.99
57091 Insulation, Full Set, Pre-Cut, 78L-82 1 199.99 199.99
48979 Bumper, Rear Storage Compartment, 1968-82 1 4.99 4.99
A9549C Straps, Rr Compt Dr Kit, 79L-82 1 9.99 9.99
A9543 Frame, Rr Compt, (2), 79L-82 1 27.99 27.99
A9549D Door Homge Pins, Rear Compt, (2), 79L-82 1 4.99 4.99
A2303 Plate, Door Sill, 78-82 1 13.99 13.99
A5369 Sills, Status Black, 78-82 1 79.99 79.99
08088 3M General Trim Adhesive 4 12.00 48.00
ST16025 Reflectix16 in. x 25 ft. Staple Tab Insulation 1 16.25 16.25
  1/8" 2' x 4' Fiberboard 1 5.00 5.00
3240024500 Foil Tape 1 17.00 17.00
  TOTAL     878.16