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Kevin Pond's
1982 Solar Orange Metallic

My father and I decided to do a dad/son project and chose to restore a 1982 Corvette. It was an original black on black color with Tru-Spoke wire wheels. It had the usual issues for a Vette this old including two cracked fenders.

When we got it home, we made up a wish list of everything we wanted to do with the car. We began with the engine and did a major tune and new gaskets all around. It now starts and runs like a Swiss watch. We installed a new transmission and replaced the shocks with Bilsteins. We replaced the brakes completely and replaced the headlight mechanisms for smoother operations. In short, every mechanical part was refurbished or replaced including the power window motors and power door locks. New side windows were installed. We removed the rear window molding to delete the original matte black coating. This exposed the original aluminum giving us a chance to polish it.

Starting on the body, we had the Vette's fenders reglassed and then everything paintable was sanded down to the original primer. The front bumper was replaced with a heavier gauge original style type. We had a '67 Vette hood scoop glassed onto the hood. We then painted it Solar Orange Metallic. In addition the rocker panels were chrome powder coated.

We then started to change the black interior. We changed every item in the interior from black to camel. At that time, while the dash was out of the car we replaced or repaired every gauge including a new tachometer and quartz clock. Installed at this time was burlwood trim on the instrument panel and the center console. Along with a new power antenna, we installed a new DVD/CD radio. We replaced all the speakers and also replaced all the rubber weatherstriping. We replaced every chrome exterior piece and added chrome door strikers, new front and rear tail/parking lenses and side markers. It is also protected by an alarm system.

After almost two years of down time, the car is finally ready for cruising.

Next on the menu for my Vette is a stump-pulling crate motor from Chevrolet.

Kevin Pond